Canadian Music Playlist Challenge

Through the creation of student-curated playlists, this resource will encourage students to think critically about Canadian music. This resource includes activities that have students explore new Canadian music, and effectively share and communicate their musical tastes and opinions.


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Key Facts

  • It’s 100% free to use. You can easily download the Teacher Resource Guide and the supplemental slideshow materials.
  • It’s completely interdisciplinary: music teachers, social studies teachers, and school administrators from all over Canada worked together to create this resource.
  • No instruments or musical background are required from the teacher or the students. This resource focuses on competency development in music-related reasoning and communication.
  • It works well in a remote or in-person teaching context. Further, the resource is completely flexible and scalable, and can be extended or condensed to meet the learning needs of your students.

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What to Expect

This resource is a step-by-step guide to working with your class to build a playlist of Canadian music that aligns with their interests, tastes, or background. When using this resource, your students will:

  • Learn about the MAPL System and the JUNO Awards, and understand what exactly constitutes a Canadian piece of music.
  • Understand how music can align with other subject areas, and broader topics of mental wellness, social justice, politics, Canadian identity, etc.
  • Become more comfortable talking about music and sharing musical tastes and opinions.
  • Have an opportunity to explore the music they love in the classroom
  • Further explore diversity in Canadian music.

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Download the free Teacher Resource Guide

Although you are no longer able to submit your class’ playlist for a chance to receive prizes, this is still a useful, evergreen resource that you’re welcome to use in your classroom.



See the hundreds of playlists submitted to the CBC Music Canadian Music Playlist Challenge in the Fall of 2020.

Materials and resources

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