Artist Team


Photo: Leon Oalh

Artists don’t make it all happen on their own. Alongside every artist, there’s a team of full-time professionals who work tirelessly to market the artists’ music to audiences, craft the artists’ public image, negotiate contracts on behalf of the artist, and help take the artists’ career to the next level.

Table of Contents

Artist Management

The artist manager is the first line of defense between the artist and the rest of the world.

Record Label

Record labels play an important role in the music industry, from scouting new talent, to marketing & distributing music in physical and digital spaces, to enforcing copyright to ensure artists are appropriately paid.

Entertainment Law

Lawyers work to ensure artists are aware of the nuances and consequences of contracts they sign, and they fight to ensure artists are properly compensated for their work.

Music Publicity

The publicist acts as the liaison between the artist and the media, and ensures the artist gets the right media coverage for their music.

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