Starting and Running a Music Festival

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When it comes to producing an event or festival, there is a huge volume of detail that must be considered, and a significant amount of responsibility you must be mindful of. In this TRACK: Industry Insights module, industry leaders from major festivals detail the event planning process every step of the way. This collection of videos serve as an event planning roadmap that can be an asset to anyone looking to get started in this area of the business.

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Starting a Festival From Scratch

Building something from the ground up can be a daunting process. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to guide your thinking to make your event memorable with key tips from experienced festival and event organizers.

Building Your Festival Team

Many hands make light work, and running a music festival is no exception. In this lesson, you’ll learn about some of the key roles to consider as you build your festival team.

Funding and Promoting Your Festival

Executing an event can be a financial risk. Understanding the different revenue and funding sources that exist - and how to effectively promote your event - can help you build a financially-viable business model for your event or festival.

The Audience Experience

Beyond the music on stage at a festival, it’s critical to ensure the audience has a positive experience from start to finish. Learn how to keep key elements of the audience experience in mind as you plan and execute your event.

How to Book an Artist

The lineup of artists at a music festival lineup is one of the biggest factors in the event’s success. Learn to book talent like a pro, and manage their participation from start to finish.

Choosing a Venue and Production

The venue for your festival can make or break the experience. Learn about some of the key venue details to take into consideration as you plan your event.

How to Develop an Audience

Taking steps to build a loyal audience will make your work in planning events and festivals more sustainable. In this lesson, seasoned events professionals outline some of the key considerations in building a loyal, engaged audience that will return to your events year after year.

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