Navigating the World of Music Licensing & Publishing

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Music publishing and licensing are exciting avenues through which artists can diversify their revenue streams. In these videos, industry professionals in music publishing, music supervision and synchronization pull the veil off this intricate and sometimes intimidating aspect of the music industry, and offer practical mentorship to young artists looking to break into this realm.

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The Role of the Record Label

This lesson covers the basics on what sync and licensing means as well as the nuances of the music publishing process from the perspective of a record label. You’ll also learn the ways in which record labels work with music supervisors, sync agents, and music publishers.

The Role of the Sync Agent

A sync agent has a unique role in the music industry that bridges the gap between music and visual media. In this lesson, you’ll get an overview of this exciting career path that helps artists get paid for use of their songs in a variety of mediums.

The Role of the Music Supervisor

The music supervisor plays a vital role in bringing music into any film, television or video game production. If playlists and soundtracks are your jam, this career path may be the one for you.

The Role of the Publisher

Learn how to generate royalty payments for your music and the role music publishers play in representing the rights of songwriters.

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Janet Baker

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