MusiCounts' 25th Anniversary

MusiCounts is celebrating its 25th anniversary! For 25 years, we’ve invested in schools and communities from coast to coast to coast to ensure that music education is inclusive, sustainable, and accessible.

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Time flies when you’re having fun and making music. What began as a “Band Aid solution” has blossomed into a national charity that supports all approaches to music education in unique and innovative ways.

We’ve achieved so much together over these 25 years, but there’s much more work to do. Explore the legacy and evolution of MusiCounts, and get involved today!

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Our Legacy

A lot can happen in a quarter century. When dedicated people align in support of a common cause, so much can be accomplished. Learn more about MusiCounts’ establishment and the innovative and inclusive programming we’ve developed over the past 25 years.


Our Future

Music education has evolved over the years, and so has MusiCounts. We’re committed to learning, growing, and acting in tandem with the teachers and educators who deliver innovative, inventive, and inclusive programming to meet the needs of young people. As MusiCounts looks to the next 25 years, trends in the last few years can inform what the future may hold for music classes across the country.

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MusiCounts Stories

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing stories that dive into MusiCounts’ rich history, examine our impact, and look to the future. Learn about how MusiCounts has sustained music education in Canada, and how we plan to tackle persistent and evolving challenges in the next 25 years!

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MusiCounts has accomplished so much over the past 25 years, but there’s so much still to do. Let’s work together to champion music education for the next 25 years - and beyond!