How Music Helps Heal Kids’ Mental Health

January 24, 2024

Music is an effective tool for improving mental health, so it’s important to support music in Canada where it is first introduced to kids: in schools and communities. Music is more than just a lesson or a part of the curriculum — it is a key element of building someone’s character. Music allows kids to express themselves in ways you cannot with words. It helps preserve cultural traditions, lets kids experiment with various styles & genres, and acts as a friend kids can confide in when they feel they have no one else.

Hear it from Taes Leavitt fromSplash’N Boots and the Big Heart Journey as she shares her take on how music helps heal kids’ mental health:

“The number of challenges confronting children in terms of their mental health has gone up significantly over the past four years. I think the reality of it is, there has always been a need to help support kids through their feelings, but the pandemic accentuated the intensity of the need and put a spotlight on mental health. The unprecedented rate of change and unforeseen events have imparted a distinct feeling of fear, anxiety and stress among children. Since kids often don't have the words to express how they are feeling, feelings often come out in behavior challenges.

That's the everyday struggle some kids face. They've got all these big feelings, and they don’t know what to do with them. And if we don't provide resources to help support them, it can turn into something more serious like anxiety and depression.

Nobody is born with emotion skills, they are something that need to be taught and practiced and learned. I think the disruption over the past few years has really amplified the fact that we need to actually do something to provide kids with this knowledge. We need to help kids be able to recognize, understand and label their emotions, help them learn to express them in a safe way and regulate themselves. These are skills that need to be taught and learned in the same way we teach any other subject at school”

When you give to MusiCounts, you’re helping us make sure that children across the country who need access to music education can get it. Your donation allows us to put instruments, equipment, and resources into classrooms in isolated regions, low-income communities, and neighbourhoods where kids face unimaginable barriers and challenges. If you have a story to share about how music is healing to you, share with us using #MusiCounts.

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