Music Education Champions

August 24, 2021

Keeping music education alive and thriving takes the dedication, passion, and support of many. Get to know some of the music education champions that help MusiCounts ensure kids across Canada can benefit from the power of music education.


Canadian Music Industry

Supporting music education in schools and communities across the country is vital to supporting the next generation of music industry performers and professionals. MusiCounts is grateful to have the support of many artists, professionals, and organizations in the industry.


Greg Kavanagh, Producer

"I have supported MusiCounts for many years! I feel the introduction to instruments in school is vital to development, even just to have a small opportunity to experience what playing an instrument is, and a little music education for appreciation and better enjoyment when listening to your favourite artist. As a JUNO Award recipient and a producer in Canada working with many artists (some of whom are JUNO nominees themselves), I understand the need and importance of music education and exposure to band in the school system as a foundation and introduction to the music world."


Conor Gains, Artist

"Music has been a driving force throughout my life. It’s given me stability and provided a lot of catharsis through difficult times. My first love was the guitar, but I played clarinet at school, which opened me up to new musical genres and inspired me. Having access to different instruments at school gave me an opportunity to learn, experiment, and get creative. That’s why I feel strongly that every child should have a chance to get exposed to music, and I’m grateful to be a part of that through MusiCounts. If we can change one life and create a future in music, or provide a creative outlet, I feel like I’ve done my part."

Music Lovers

For so many Canadians, a lifelong love of music started in the classroom. For them, supporting MusiCounts is a way of paying it forward and ensuring future generations benefit from the joys of music.


Ryan Kerr, Record Store Day Canada

"My fondest memories in grade school and the class that I most looked forward to was music class. My first instrument was the recorder. I quickly moved to the drum kit, and never looked back. I can’t imagine children of all ages having to go to school without a music program. In hindsight, I believe that music class was the glue that kept myself and many of my friends motivated and interested and wanting to go to school."

Music Education Community

There are no better champions for music education than those that deliver it. Teachers, community program leaders, music therapists, and educators share MusiCounts' belief that music adds possibilities, and support our mission to make music education inclusive, accessible, and sustainable across Canada.


Jewel Casselman, Music Educator

"I have known about MusiCounts for a long time. I am an elementary music teacher and received a MusiCounts Band Aid Program grant in 2014. My students are still loving these new instruments that we received, although this year being very different, we have actually not been playing them. I am hoping for next year to be able to play them again. I have been nominated for the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award for the last three years and have been a finalist twice. I also took part in a MusiCounts Learn Town Hall, with three other music educators from across Canada."

We thank our incredible community of supporters who share our belief that music adds possibilities for young people. If you want to let us know why you support MusiCounts, please contact Anika Wallia, Coordinator, Development & Partnerships.