The Power of Music is...

December 12, 2022
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Music is powerful in so many ways. That’s why MusiCounts invests in music education in schools and communities across the country. By putting instruments into the hands of kids who need them most, we’re giving them the opportunity to experience the power of music - whatever that means to them.

We asked teachers, students, artists, and music industry professionals what the power of music is, in their own words:


Darius Crump (aka girly., Artist & 2022 MusiCounts Accelerate Scholarship Recipient)

The power of music, for me, is being able to translate this indescribable feeling and energy through song, and being able to share that with everyone and having them experience that with you through this piece of art.


Zeda Ali (Music Educator)

It puts the human in humanity, and it puts the human in the school. The music room is the heartbeat of the school because we’re the ones with all the rhythm, and I think that the power of music… it changes the world. You can have revolutions, you could have propaganda, you could have anything… but it’s just something that intrinsically hits us on a base human level.

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Regan Harney (Senior Manager, Development & Partnerships at MusiCounts)

It is the ability to communicate without language, and touch people on an ethereal level that makes us all feel as one.

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Jesse Gold (Artist)

Music has obviously changed my life in so many ways, but one of my fondest musical memories is a camp counselor sitting me down to play me the album “Born to Do It” by Craig David. It’s an incredible R&B album, but it ended up really changing the course of my life. I became obsessed with the album as a kid, and it really informed the way that I wanted to sing. I would practice singing just like that album, and it made me the artist that I am today. So, something that might’ve been a small thing to that camp counselor actually really changed the course of my entire life. Years later, I ended up meeting up with Craig David - my hero - and we got to make some music together, and it was really special. You never know where a musical tidbit can lead to.

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Ruby Ba (Music Educator)

Music tells stories for me, and it speaks when I don’t have words for it. My family immigrated to Canada from Taiwan when I was 15. As a teenager who was brought to a new environment and had to process the pressure of cultural and language barriers, I realized that music was my shelter of comfort and self-reassurance. I listened to all different genres of music, and I would always be able to find a tune that expressed how I felt about the world at that time. Music touches many people’s hearts for its healing power, because it surely touches mine. I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my music teachers who taught me to enjoy music, for which has become one of the best parts of my life.


Darren Hamilton (Music Educator, 2022 MusiCounts Teacher of the Year)

For me, music is powerful because it’s transformative. It has the ability to take people from one place to another. Music is powerful because it represents our stories, it represents our cultural backgrounds. It enables us to advocate for social justice issues through our writing and through our performing. Music is powerful because it also helps us to deal with our mental health challenges, which is so relevant for today. Being able to listen to various forms of music and to be able to appreciate various forms of music is so important to our day-to-day lives and for our society.

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Lucas Schlotfeld (Student, Intern at MusiCounts, Music Instructor)

Music has the power to engulf every aspect of a person's life, making it a place of confidence, self, community identity, and personal development. I am confident that wherever I am, I will have a sense of home that not only nourishes myself, but grants me the ability to connect and share with others in a meaningful and positive way.