MusiCounts Band Aid Program

The MusiCounts Band Aid Program provides under-resourced schools with grants of up to $15,000 worth of musical instruments, equipment, and resources.


Program Highlights

  • The Band Aid Program celebrates diversity in music education. Funds from the MusiCounts Band Aid Program may be used to support any approach to music education and purchase any kind of musical instruments.
  • No music program? No problem. Any school in Canada is welcome to apply to support an existing music program, or a music program that doesn’t exist yet.
  • Teachers, administrators and/or school support staff may prepare a grant application on behalf of their school.
  • Looking for more information? View the 2021-2022 Program Guidelines.

Applications Close

November 25, 2021


Adjudication Period

January - March 2022


Recipients Selected

April 2022


In 2021, we allocated $1 million to 95 schools across Canada via the MusiCounts Band Aid Program.

Why does the MusiCounts Band Aid Program exist?

This program exists because music education is chronically underfunded across Canada. This results in the most in-need young people not having access to the benefits of music education. To learn more about the benefits of music education, the barriers that schools face in offering inclusive music education programs, and how MusiCounts’ programs address these issues, click here.

Who is the MusiCounts Band Aid Program For?

This grant program is open to all schools in Canada. In particular, this program is geared towards schools that do not have the instruments, equipment, and resources needed to offer an inclusive and sustainable music program for students. The MusiCounts Band Aid Program aims to ensure that the most in-need youth in Canada have access to the benefits of music education.

How does it work?

Each fall, schools may apply to the MusiCounts Band Aid Program. Applicants are asked to provide information about their school and community, the instruments they hope to purchase should their application be successful, and why these requested materials are needed.

Once all applications are received, our team of adjudicators review all submitted materials very carefully. Adjudicators are asked to identify the schools that:

  1. Are in most urgent need of new musical equipment
  2. Serve high-needs/under-represented student communities
  3. Have strong plans in place to utilize the requested materials

The number of applications we’re able to support and the amount of funds we have available to allocate varies from year to year. In 2021, MusiCounts allocated $1 million to 95 schools across Canada.




Contact Us

Please reach out to Evelyn at with any questions that haven't been answered within the Program Guidelines.

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