Why MusiCounts

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MusiCounts understands that music transforms the lives of young people. That's why we work to break down the barriers they face when accessing music education.

Music education has a ripple effect. Youth are not only exposed to the unending joys and vast richness of music; they experience the benefits across all areas of their lives. Confidence. Emotional and mental wellbeing. Identity. Connection and communication.

The reality is that music education is suffering across Canada. Music programs are often the first to get cut from budgets, and are considered an afterthought rather than an essential component of every young person's education.

The State of Music Education in Canada


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The barriers do not stop at a lack of funding or an ageing instrument inventory. Existing music programs are often outdated or do not reflect the needs of a student population. Curricula and resources can be culturally insufficient and may not engage or excite students. The unique geographic features of Canada often make it difficult to access instruments, repairs, or professional development for music educators.

MusiCounts seeks to break down these barriers through four pillars of action. MusiCounts:


In music education and the foundation of the music industry through the MusiCounts School Music Funding Programs and the SiriusXM Soundwaves MusiCounts Community Fund, which grant funds to schools and community groups to build or sustain music programs for youth in need.


Through MusiCounts Learn, a program that creates innovative learning resources for teachers and students, and facilitates important national dialogue about music education.


The next generation of music industry performers and professionals through the Accelerate and Amplify scholarship programs and mentorship experiences.


Excellence by recognizing exceptional teachers and philanthropic leaders through the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year and MusiCounts Inspired Minds Ambassador Awards.