The MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship

This scholarship program will help amplify the aspirations of 15-18 year olds with an interest in pursuing a career path in music. Through a financial award and unique mentorship opportunities, the MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship will equip students with the resources and connections they need to take their passion for music to the next level.


Key Facts

  • All high schools and community music organizations may nominate up to three 15-18 year olds for this scholarship in the areas of music performance, creation, and leadership (see below for more info).
  • Each year, 10-12 young people will receive this scholarship. Recipients will be awarded a $3,500 cash prize and tailored, virtual mentorship experiences with Canadian music professionals.
  • Nominations are currently closed. Sign up to be notified.

Helpful Resources

Nomination Categories

Music Creation

For aspiring songwriters, composers, producers, and electronic music creators.

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Music Performance

For aspiring instrumentalists/vocalists in contemporary music (rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, rap, jazz, folk, alternative, country, traditional, etc).*


Music Leadership

For aspiring music educators, music mentors, or those who use music to inspire others and advocate for positive change and social justice in their community.

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*Classically-oriented musicians who have experience/interest in additional musical genres are also eligible.

Who is this scholarship for?

The MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship aims to nurture potential and create opportunity. With that said, this scholarship is not intended for those with the most accolades, musical training, or the strongest academic track record. Rather, this program is focused on investing in the success of aspiring music professionals with talent and potential who also face barriers in building a career in music.

How does it work?

  • All high schools and community music organizations may nominate up to three eligible 15-18 year olds for this scholarship.
  • All nominees must complete an online application form.
  • Once all applications are received, they will be adjudicated by a team of music industry professionals and music educators. Adjudicators will evaluate applications on the following three core criteria:
    • Skill Level: does the nominee show talent and potential in their area of speciality?
    • Mandate Alignment: does the nominee align with the mandate of providing opportunity to those who face barriers to starting a career in music?
    • Impact Potential: does the nominee make a compelling case for how this scholarship will have a positive impact on their professional development?


Meet the 2022 MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship Recipients

11 inspiring young people from across Canada received the 2022 MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship. These emerging music leaders, producers, and performers represent a future of Canada’s music industry that is optimistic, vibrant, inclusive, and diverse. These scholarships will have an immediate and long-lasting impact on these young professionals through a financial award and a mentorship program intended to provide a foundational understanding of the workings of the industry.

Contact Us

Please reach out to Evelyn at with any questions that haven't been answered within the Nomination Guidelines.

The MusiCounts Amplify Scholarship is generously supported by Darren Throop