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Navigating the music industry as a young artist or industry professional can be a daunting task. The MusiCounts Learn TRACK: Industry Insights program aims to support artists and people starting out in different areas of the industry in the early stages of their creative careers with this collection of videos featuring Canadian artists and industry professionals. With topics ranging from music promotion, organizing events, music licensing and music entrepreneurship, the insights offered in this program can be an asset for any emerging artist or professional looking to better understand the nuances of this complex and exciting industry.

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Best Practices for Emerging Artists Navigating the World of Music Licensing & Publishing Starting and Running a Music Festival Organizing DIY Events in Alternative Spaces
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Best Practices for Emerging Artists

In an ever-changing and dynamic industry like music, knowing where to start can be difficult, and good advice can be hard to come by. In these videos, artists and industry professionals alike share their perspectives on how to promote your music, build your brand, and take control of administrative tasks - all while finding time to keep creating music and art.

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Navigating the World of Music Licensing & Publishing

Music publishing and licensing are exciting avenues through which artists can diversify their revenue streams. In these videos, industry professionals in music publishing, music supervision and synchronization pull the veil off this intricate and sometimes intimidating aspect of the music industry, and offer practical mentorship to young artists looking to break into this realm.

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Starting and Running a Music Festival

When it comes to producing an event or festival, there is a huge volume of detail that must be considered, and a significant amount of responsibility you must be mindful of. In this TRACK: Industry Insights module, industry leaders from major festivals detail the event planning process every step of the way. This collection of videos serve as an event planning roadmap that can be an asset to anyone looking to get started in this area of the business.

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Organizing DIY Events in Alternative Spaces

Have you ever wanted to create your own event or produce a series of concerts somewhere other than a traditional venue? As this TRACK: Industry Insights module reveals, the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) model represents an exciting opportunity to build events rooted in creativity, inclusivity, and challenging the status quo. In these videos, four industry professionals who work in the DIY event scene offer practical guidance to anyone looking to put on their own event in an alternative space.

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