MusiCounts Learn TRACK is an online learning hub aimed at educating students, teachers, and artists alike about possibilities in - and the intricacies of - Canada’s music industry. This resource is completely free for anyone to use, and is powered by RBC and the City of Toronto.


This program is organized into two sections. TRACK: Career Profiles is geared towards educators and students, and explores the scope of non-performance career possibilities in the Canadian music industry. TRACK: Industry Insights is designed with the needs of emerging artists and young industry professionals in mind, and offers tactics and suggestions for successfully navigating the music industry, whether you’re a musician or aspiring event producer.


TRACK: Career Profiles, Powered by RBC

Performance is one of many viable career paths in Canada’s music industry. From music publicity to record labels to managing tours, MusiCounts Learn TRACK: Career Profiles dives into eight different careers in the music industry, with each career area explored through three short educational videos. These interdisciplinary resources are well-suited for use in a classroom setting, and are a great starting point for students looking to broaden their awareness of how the music industry functions, and the wide array of different career paths that exist therein. Additional videos and teaching materials to come soon!

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TRACK: Industry Insights, Powered by the City of Toronto

Navigating the music industry as a young artist or industry professional can be a daunting task. The MusiCounts Learn TRACK: Industry Insights program aims to support artists and music industry professionals in the early stages of their creative careers with this collection of videos featuring Canadian artists and industry professionals. With topics ranging from music promotion, organizing events, music licensing and music entrepreneurship, the insights offered in this program can be an asset for any emerging artist or industry professional looking to better understand the nuances of this complex and exciting industry.


As Canada’s music economy is rebuilt, educating young people about the sector must be a priority. Through demystifying the scope of career paths that exist in music, and democratizing insider perspectives on how to navigate the industry, MusiCounts hopes to foster a more accessible, approachable, and inclusive music industry for the next generation of Canadian music professionals.

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