TRACK: Career Profiles

MusiCounts Learn TRACK: Career Profiles, powered by RBC, is an online learning hub aimed at introducing young people to the scope of career possibilities in the Canadian music industry, beyond performance. This new resource is completely free for anyone to use.


Photo: Liam Shaw

How does it work?

MusiCounts has brought together a group of Canadian music industry professionals to create free, engaging, on-demand educational video content discussing their career area in introductory, foundational terms. From music publicity to record labels to managing tours, MusiCounts Learn TRACK: Career Profiles dives into eight different careers in the music industry, with each career area explored through three short educational videos.

Who is this program for?

MusiCounts Learn TRACK: Career Profiles is intended to help students, educators, and emerging artists gain a clearer understanding of how the Canadian music industry works, and help these communities understand that musical performance is just one of many viable career paths in music. This is a tool that high school and post-secondary students can use to clarify how the different parts of the industry all come together, and a tool that teachers can use to educate both themselves and their students about the different career paths that exist in the music industry.

This is just the beginning of MusiCounts Learn TRACK: Career Profiles. Over the coming months you can expect:

  • An additional module on Music Monetization & Dissemination
  • Learning Resource Guides and Professional Development opportunities for educators, to support in integrating this content in the classroom.

Find Your TRACK

Artist Team Live Music

Artist Team

Artists don’t make it all happen on their own. Alongside every artist, there’s a team of full-time professionals who work tirelessly to market the artists’ music to audiences, craft the artists’ public image, negotiate contracts on behalf of the artist, and help take the artists’ career to the next level.


Live Music

At a live music concert, what you see on stage is just the tip of the iceberg. From booking the talent, to managing the tour, to overseeing the sound and the venue, there are numerous opportunities in this sector that help bring to life the magic of the live music experience.

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