Our Team

Music adds possibilities, and the MusiCounts team carries this belief with them in everything that they do. Get to know the folks at MusiCounts.


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Kristy Fletcher (she/her)
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Regan Harney (she/her)
Senior Manager, Development & Partnerships [On Leave]
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Nick Godsoe (he/him)
Director, Programs & Education
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Kate Bangay (she/her)
Director, Marketing and Communications
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Jana David (she/her)
Coordinator, Social & Digital
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Vicki Bonomo (she/her)
Manager, Development & Partnerships
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Claire Leslie-Turnbull (she/her)
Coordinator, Programs

CARAS Board of Directors

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Allan Reid
President & CEO
President & CEO, CARAS/JUNO Awards/CEO, MusiCounts
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Julie Adam
Executive Vice President & General Manager, Universal Music Canada
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Shane Carter
President, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc
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Kristen Burke
2nd Vice-Chair
President, Warner Music Canada
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Jeffrey Remedios
President & CEO, Universal Music Canada
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Erik Hoffman
President Canada, Live Nation
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Alexandra Bellamy
Managing Director, Head of Assurance and Advisory, CPP Investment
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Helen Britton
2nd Vice-Chair
President & CEO, Six Shooter Inc.
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Jennifer Dettman
Executive Director, Unscripted Content, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
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Miro Oballa
Partner, Taylor Oballa Murray Leyland LLP
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Mark Harrison
Founder, The TI Agency, Black Talent Initiative, Co-Founder, Park Street Education
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Adam Burchill
Head of Sports and Gaming, North America, TikTok
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Dr. Julie Nagam
Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Arts, Collaboration, Digital Media; Artistic Director of Nuit Blanche Toronto 2020/22; Director of Aabijijiwan New Media Lab & Co-Director of Kishadigeh Collaborative Research Centre; Professor at University of Winnipeg
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Kate Purchase
Senior Director, CEO Platform, Office of the CEO at Microsoft
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Philippe Archambault
CEO, Audiogram; VP Music at Québecor
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Hussain “Spek” Yoosuf
Founder/CEO, PopArabia & ESMAA

Advisory Committee

Denise Donlon
Media and Business Executive
Bob Ezrin
Award-Winning Producer and Co-Founder, Nimbus School of Recording Arts
Jocelyn Flanagan
CSEP, President & Chief Executive Officer, e=mc2 event management inc.
David Kines
President, Hollywood Suite
Margaret McGuffin
CEO, Music Publishers Canada
Keziah Myers
Executive Director, ADVANCE Music
Ross Reynolds
Past CARAS Chairman
Allan Reid
President & CEO, CARAS/JUNO Awards/CEO, MusiCounts
Mark Reid
Global Educator
Zale Skolnik
Legal Counsel, Fengate Asset Management
Vanessa Adora
Riah Sethna
Director of Live Music & Entertainment, Global Partnerships at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Malik Shaheed
School Commissioner and Media Personality

Leadership Circle

Stephen Stohn & Linda Schuyler
Alex Bellamy
Alex Andrews & Alicia Neufeld
Aubrey Winfield
Bernard & Carole Crotty
Bob & Jan Ezrin
Brian Cartwright
Daniel S. Janis
David Kines & Teresa Walsh
David Moyse
Deane Cameron & Christina Martinez Cameron
Derrick Ross
Devlin Family
Diane Roblin Fund
Dylan Lennox Memorial Fund
Eleanor McCain
Gabriella Sharrard & the Randy Sharrard Band Aid Fund
George Cohon
Heather Cartwright
Jackie Dean
Jennifer Witzel
Jocelyn Flanagan
Karen Green
Madeleine Chase Tobin-Latimer
The Maggie Hermant Band Aid Fund
Mark & Suzanne Cohon
Meredith Cartwright
Peter Steinmetz Q.C. & Elke Steinmetz
Rob G. Sobey & Monique Sobey
Ross & Jane Reynolds
Scott Mackenzie
Steve & Debbie Kane
Viewpoint Foundation
W. Brett Wilson
Warren & Maureen Spitz