10 Reasons to Apply for the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program

April 4, 2022

Applications for the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program are now open! If you need a nudge to get an application started for your community group or not-for-profit’s music programming for youth, let us convince you!

1 - $20,000 Can Go a Long Way

You could receive a grant of up to $20,000 for your community group or not-for-profit's music programming for youth, which will go a long way towards your instrument wishlist, your instrument repairs, workshops with community Elders, or the technology and equipment needed to deliver 21st-century music programs.

2 - Breathe New Life Into Your Programming

If you've got some tired, unplayable instruments that need more love than you can afford, it might be time to freshen up the inventory. You can apply for funding to replace or refurbish existing instrument inventories; tell us the tales of your shabby instruments and we’ll try to help out!

3 - Jumpstart Your Idea For New Programming

Do you have an idea, a plan, and the necessary amazing people lined up, but are missing that injection of cash to make your big, brilliant music program come to life? We got you! The MusiCounts TD Community Music Program welcomes applications for brand new programming, especially if you can demonstrate both a high level of need and a strong plan in place to make this work.

4 - Music Adds Possibilities

You know the power of music, and you know the potential of your program participants. Let's work together to unlock that potential and make some music magic happen. Young people thrive when they have music on their side!

5 - The Program Supports Any Approach to Music Programming

The sky's the limit. Whether you're seeking funding for early years programming, music therapy, technology, or something we've never even heard of, the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program sets no bounds on how you choose to reach your participants with the power of music. Show us what you've got in mind!

6 - Programs Serving Many Age Ranges are Eligible

The MusiCounts TD Community Music Program is unique, in that it can be suitable for early-years programming as well as groups serving older youth - up to the age of 25. It's ok if your community group or not-for-profit doesn't serve school-aged kids. Daycare centres, teen drop-in groups: we want to hear from you!

7 - Celebrate Culture

Community music-making settings are perfect for exploring and celebrating heritage and culture. Tell us all about how your program encourages shared identity, celebrates community, and preserves tradition!

8 - Your Group is Unique, and We Love - and Fund - That!

We know that community music-making can be a great way to share in lived experiences, and encourage applications from groups serving kids with disabilities and/or neurodivergent participants. Music - and kids! - come in many shapes and sizes, and they’re all welcome here. If you’re looking for adaptive instruments, we might be able to help!

9 - More Music is the Right Amount of Music

The MusiCounts TD Community Music Program is all about increasing access to music education for the kids who need it most. While some youth are lucky to benefit from music classes in their schools, they're not able to access enough music programming to satisfy their appetites. Let's build strong music-making programs for kids so they can explore their love of music in community settings. After all, more is more!

10 - It's Easy

Applying for the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program is a simple, two-stage process that you can easily complete in a weekend. With a little caffeine, and perhaps your favourite soundtrack for getting things done, you'll be ready to hit “submit” in one or two sittings. Need support? Take a look over the Program Guidelines and a sample application, and if you still need a hand you can reach out to us at applications@musicounts.ca.


Get Your Application Started Today

Apply to the MusiCounts TD Community Music Program for up to $20,000 for instruments, equipment, and resources for your community group or not-for-profit’s youth music programming. Applications are open now!

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