The Gift of Generosity: How Philanthropy Shapes the Future of Music Education

July 4, 2022
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At MusiCounts, we’ve been reflecting on the 21-22 school year and all we’ve been able to accomplish. Through our granting, scholarship, and award programs, we’ve allocated over $1.4 million to deserving schools, community organizations, and individuals this year. We’ve also launched three new teaching resources to help bridge the gap to music education in classrooms. We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that it takes a village to help us achieve our mission to make music education inclusive, sustainable, and accessible for every kid across Canada. Today, we’re thanking the incredible group of philanthropists and foundations that help us do what we do.

While this year presented a unique set of challenges owing to pandemic recovery and the changing landscape of music education, MusiCounts was still able to award $870,000 to 77 schools across Canada through the MusiCounts Band Aid Program. This was made possible in part from the contributions of dedicated philanthropists and foundations like the J & W Murphy Foundation, whose contribution helped Inglewood School in Grand Bay-Westfield, NB purchase ukuleles, violins, and more to provide access to music education for 50% of the community’s youth (who would not have been able to otherwise). McKellar Park Central Public School in Thunder Bay, ON was one of six schools to receive funding through the generosity of the Slaight Family Foundation in 2022. With their grant, the school will be able to facilitate hand-drum building workshops led by local Anishinaabe Knowledge Keepers to engage students in traditional teachings and strengthen their connections to their community. Gifts like these made by philanthropists and foundations have created once-in-a-generation impacts through their support of MusiCounts this year.

Many of the incredible individuals and foundations that have supported MusiCounts over the years recognize that the issues we tackle present themselves every year, all across the country. As such, MusiCounts depends on longer-term support to continue to make an impact. That’s why Stephen Stohn and Linda Schuyler founded the MusiCounts Leadership Circle in 2016 with an extraordinary pledge of $500,000 in matching funds to support the MusiCounts Band Aid Program. Each member of this visionary group of donors commits to providing the resources, connections, and insight to ensure that MusiCounts can continue to sustain music education.

Philanthropy is critical to our success, and we’re proud to celebrate an extraordinary philanthropist every year through the MusiCounts Inspired Minds Ambassador Award, presented by the Canadian Scholarship Trust Foundation. As Dallas Green said about MusiCounts when he was honoured with this award in 2022, “I recognize how lucky I am to make music for a living, and I’m really grateful to be in a position to give back and help shine a light on the wonderful work they do.”

We’re profoundly grateful for the support we’ve received this year, but there is still so much to do to ensure that music education remains within reach of every kid in Canada for many years to come. If you share our belief that every child deserves the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of music, learn more about the MusiCounts Leadership Circle, how to contribute on behalf of your foundation, or other ways you can get involved today.

Thank You to the Philanthropists & Foundations That Supported MusiCounts This Year