AM Stacks

AM Stacks is proud to announce its partnership with MusiCounts.

All funds raised will go towards the MusiCounts Band Aid Program which provides up to $15,000 worth of musical instruments, equipment, and resources for youth across Canada.

Angel Moraes, the founder of AM Stacks came from humble beginnings and always knew by the age of 9 that his passion in life was music and that he was meant to share it with the world. As a young adult, through very hard work, commitment and dedication he became a well known world wide professional dj/producer. Later on in his life, because of his incredible ear and skills, he started building big sound systems for dance clubs around the globe. During the pandemic, he decided to create a mini version of the big stacks that he used to build, and created AM mini-stacks now called AM stacks. Sadly, 3 months after he launched it, he passed away. A few months before passing, he started talking about wanting to help kids that didn't have access to music classes, by offering them free lessons.

Isabelle, his best friend who helped him since the beginning of the business, decided to continue AM Stacks so his legacy lives on and to partner with MusiCounts because like Angel, she really believes music can empower kids!

Through passion and love to music and to Angel, AM Stacks provide people with a unique looking, high-quality sound system to make music possible whether in the studio or in the comfort of their own home.

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