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As we celebrate 20 years of creating experiences that matter for our clients and audiences, we are excited to share that we, as a team, are supporting an organization that is very close to Jocelyn's heart.

Music is a huge part of our lives and work and is the one element that each and every event we have produced has in common. The power of music and the energy and emotion it can evoke, the memories it conjures up, are all a part of the magic of events. Many of our team members started their creative journeys through music and know the impact it can make on a life.

Your donation will go towards the MusiCounts Band Aid Program, supporting schools across Canada in the locations we all live, work, play and call home. As proud Canadians and music lovers we appreciate your donation and know that through every dollar raised we are putting inspiration and creativity in the hands of the future.

To celebrate, we have generously donated $5,000 to support music education nationwide.

The "e" Team

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