In Memoriams Supporting MusiCounts

Nash The Slash.jpg

Nash The Slash

Plewman, better known as ‘Nash The Slash’, worked as a music photographer in Toronto before finding his place on stage as a multi-instrumentalist performer and pioneer of electronic music.


Mike Taylor

Mike was a long-time supporter and advocate for MusiCounts, and he believed that all children across Canada should have access to music through their school and community.


Dave "Bookie" Bookman

Dave was a passionate music fan and advocate, always wanting to share the latest – with a soft-spot for the underdog.


Deane Cameron

Deane was a trailblazer in the Canadian music industry, dedicated to artist development, and part of the CARAS & MusiCounts family. The impact from his legacy will be felt forever.


Brian A. Jones

Brian Jones was an incredibly talented musician that not only loved to play music everywhere but has inspired so many people to share their music with others.


Owen Clair Gordon

There was always so much more to Owen than simply business. He lived for music and kept up his guitar skills with inside knowledge of musical artists, tracks and beats to rival most DJs. His tastes moved from funk, soul, jazz, and reggae to acid jazz, house, African music, and rock.

Maximilian S. Nchama.jpg

Maximilian S. Nchama

"Maximilian "Max" Nchama was well-known to and much loved by family and friends in his hometown of Cornwall, as well as his friends and colleagues in public relations and communications circles in Toronto.


Stuart Bremner

Stuart graduated from Canmore Collegiate, where he developed a love of music through the school band program and Valley Winds.


David Jonathan Rita-Procter

David was an amazing musician, song writer and artist who graduated from the Toronto Audio Recording Academy (TARA) and was a co-owner of a Toronto recording studio.


Bertie Edward Davey

Bert’s lifelong passion for music began when he was a young boy. It was through his hobby of music that he made and maintained many wonderful and lasting friendships with people from every age group and walk of life.


Sylvia Newman

Sylvia Newman was a long-time champion of choral music and music education.


Tyler Moyer

Tyler had a great enthusiasm for making music. His love for music spanned over several genres including but not limited to; rock, funk, punk, blues, hip-hop, pop, new-school, and old school.


Fabian Alejandro MacIver

Fabian was a generous, compassionate, and accepting person who always made time for others. He was fortunate to have perfect pitch and a natural talent for music.


Margaret McLafferty

Margaret led a full and varied life. Beyond family and friends, she was active in her community, including many years performing in several choirs and musical theatre. Margaret followed in her mother’s footsteps who was an opera singer in England.


Robert Bianchini

Rob live life on his own terms and loved his music, his daughters, his companion and friends.


James T. Neish

Although James was an imposing figure on the Metro Police Force for 34 years, he was a gentle giant and truly one of the kindest souls you would ever meet. While his passion was policing, his love was family.


Taylor Johnson

From even before Taylor was born, he loved music, and the love affair lasted for all his 32 years on this earth. Taylor was always creative and artistic; as well as musical.


Nevin Earl Grant

Nevin was a top graduate of the Radio and Television Arts program at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute. His entire 37 year career was spent at radio station 1150 CKOC in Hamilton, Ontario.


Jeremy John Stapleton

Jeremy was beyond passionate about all styles of music, being the son of a musical father. The violin was his first instrument of choice at age 5, followed by the piano.


Bruce Scott MacIver

It was 1959, a candelabra was placed high on the piano. The candles were set aflame and then, encouraged by his dad, one year old Bruce MacIver's tiny fingers began to tickle the ivories. Bruce's legacy is intact and his music lives on.


Alan Mote

The sentimental side of Alan enjoyed taking long drives to revisit some of his favourite places. He regularly enjoyed his coffee mornings with friends, over thirty years commitment to the Masonic Lodge and his dedication to his church and his faith.


Jason Kay

Jason was very passionate about music and through this fund his passion will live on.


Randy Sharrard

Randy Sharrard was a lifelong music fan. As a legacy in his honour, the Randy Sharrard Band Aid Fund has been established.


Maggie Hermant

Maggie loved all kinds of music and often attended the school musical performances of her beloved extended family.