Frequently Asked Donor Questions

If your question hasn't been answered below, please reach out to Regan Harney for assistance.

General Inquiries

I’ve recently changed my address, phone number, or email address and would like to send you my updated information.

Please contact us and a staff member will be able to update your information for you.

Can I change my preferred contact method and/or the types of communication I receive?

Certainly! We would be happy to make changes to how MusiCounts contacts you, and have a number of options available to support your preferences. Please reach out to discuss your options and have your preferences updated.

What is MusiCounts’ privacy policy?

You can read our privacy policy here.

If I need to contact a specific staff member at MusiCounts, where can I find your staff directory?

We’d be happy to assist you! You can contact any staff listed in our directory.

My loved one has passed away but is still receiving mail from MusiCounts, how do I remove them from your mailing list?

We are so sorry for your loss and offer our deepest condolences. Please reach out, and we will update our records.

Donations & Tax Receipts

If I want to donate by cheque, where do I mail my cheque?

If you’d like to donate by cheque, please make it payable to MusiCounts and send it to the following address:

219 Dufferin Street, Suite 211C
Toronto, Ontario
M6K 3J1

If I donate online or by cheque do I receive a tax receipt?

Yes, if you donate online a tax receipt will be sent directly to the email address you provide on the donation form. If you donate by cheque, you will be mailed a tax receipt to the provided return address once we have received the donation.

Can I receive a tax receipt if I donate $10 or lower?

Unfortunately no; we cannot issue a tax receipt for gifts $10 or lower.

I misplaced my receipt, or have noticed an error. Can I get a replacement?

In the event you’ve misplaced a receipt or noted an error, please contact us and we’ll remedy the situation.

I live outside of Canada. Can I still donate to MusiCounts?

Yes! If you’d like to make a donation to MusiCounts but live outside of Canada, please contact us and we can assist you.

Can I donate a musical instrument or equipment?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept new or used musical instruments or equipment. We recommend you contact a school or community centre in your area to see if they can use your item.

Can I donate to a specific MusiCounts program?

All donations go directly to the MusiCounts Band Aid Program, which grants up to $15,000 for schools to purchase musical instruments, equipment, and resources. If you're looking to align your corporate giving practices with MusiCounts areas of impact, please reach out.

Are donations by US citizens in the US deductible from US Federal income taxes?

A donation to a Canadian charity by an American citizen can only be deductible in US income taxes when the US citizen also earns an income in Canada. If you have any questions, please contact Regan Harney, Senior Manager of Development & Partnerships.

In Memoriam/Tribute Gifts

We have requested our community/network to donate to MusiCounts in memory or in honour of our loved one. Can we receive a list of those donors?

The MusiCounts privacy policy restricts the release of certain aspects of donor information, however we'd love to work with you to help you express your gratitude for your community's donations in a creative and meaningful way. Please reach out to Desiree Amani, Coordinator of Development & Partnerships, to learn more.

Monthly Giving

If I sign up as a monthly donor, when am I charged?

You will be charged at the first of every month once you sign up. Please contact Desiree Amani, Coordinator of Development & Partnerships, for more information.

As a monthly donor, how am I tax receipted?

Monthly donors receive one receipt per calendar year. These are distributed before the end of December and will account for the total of all gifts given in that particular calendar year.

How do I change or update my monthly gift information?

Please reach out to Desiree Amani, Coordinator of Development & Partnerships, to change how you make your monthly gift or update credit card and account information.

Gifts of Securities

Can I donate a gift of securities to support MusiCounts?

Yes! If you are interested in donating a gift of securities please contact Regan Harney, Senior Manager of Development & Partnerships, to receive the form and banking information.

Fundraise on MusiCounts’ Behalf

I’d like to hold a fundraising initiative to support MusiCounts. How can I get started?

Take a read through the MusiCounts Fundraising Toolkit. To learn more about hosting your own event, or to set up a donation page for a special occasion, please click here.

How do I set up my own personal fundraising page?

Please reach out to Desiree Amani, Coordinator of Development & Partnerships, to set up your fundraising page and answer any fundraising questions you may have.